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Wednesday 22 March 2017 at 10:44 am

Meditech Co. Ltd. is considered as one of the famous Laser Toning Machines manufacturers from South Korea. We have a leading name in designing and manufacturing advanced medical related machines and equipment. Meditech Group was founded in the year 1998, and currently we have three sister companies associated with the group.

The toning machine is effectively used for providing skin treatment of different nature and curing the patients in their different needs. This laser machine is also excellent for plumping and firming human skin and easily cures the wrinkled skin.

The Laser toning machines work perfectly anti-aging and bring satisfaction to the people who are treated with laser machines. These beauty machines are resourceful for traumatizing the skin and turn over the cells more rapidly.

What We Offer?

Meditech has designed different models of medical instruments and machines that are used for various lab tests. We have wide many products that are produced by our company like Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment,ECG Machine, Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Ultrasound Scanner, Fetal Doppler, Defibrillator, Visual Stethoscope, Laser Toning Machines, ECG Holter, Spiro Meter and a large variety of home health care products are available in great stock for sale. We have also designed a special kind of ideal air pressure cuff that is used for different types of services for measuring diastolic blood pressure, systolic, and heart pulse by a single touch function.


Meditech is a leading and dedicated medical equipment and laser toning machines manufacturers, and our entire team is involved producing high class and standard medical machines and implements. The company is dedicated to producing and provides state of the art medical equipment with top-ranking quality and upstanding reputation.


We are devoted to serving our clients according to the requirements of their specific needs, and we are fulfilling their requirements with trust and responsibility. We have a prominent name in manufacturing and supplying the wide variety of medical machines to our local and worldwide clients that are employed in different hospitals and clinics globally.


We have attained certification from ISO13485 and CE Certificates for producing all our products according to the standards of ISO policy. Our entire toning machines have been designed according to the necessities of the hospitals and to provide facilities in various lab testing. Thus, we are devoted to supplying and exporting our ISO certified medical machines and instrument to our worldwide clients.


We have a specific Research and development department that is working to provide better home care and medical care implements, equipment and laser toning machines. We have been serving our company clients by providing them the specific type of products that they require from us.