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DYMO labels and printers

Thursday 05 October 2017 at 09:45 am.
Do you consider buying a DYMO printer? But you don't really know what it is. Here are some of the things that experts share you when buying DYMO printers and DYMO labels.

What is a DYMO printer?

A DYMO printer does not need ink, toner or ribbons to operate. It uses a direct thermal printing technology that blackens the chemically treated labels. Usually, it uses a DYMO printer-compatible label than the usual paper. If you are more curious about Dymo Labels then you can learn more about it on www.adazonusa.com.

DYMO vs direct thermal printing

Although DYMO uses the direct thermal printing technology, its labels have different features. The standard DYMO labels have an oblong hole cut that works as registration marks. It helps the printer identify where the label stops and where the next one begins. It's an efficient way to feed the labels correctly. It avoids the instances where the printer tells that it has run out of paper.

Different DYMO labels

The DYMO labels have different materials that can be weather-proof depending on the purpose of the output. It also comes in different shapes and sizes that match the printer size. You can check the material and size selection guides of the manufacturer so you'll have an idea about it.

High-quality materials

There are many sellers in the market promising their labels are high quality. However, some only provide false promises. When you buy to authorize sellers, ensure to test the labels and the printer. If testing is not available, avoid buying in bulk. Ensure to buy small quantities so you can check it for yourself.

It is also better to find a seller that offers return policy in case that you don’t want the quality of the material. It’s also a good sign to have a discount for bulk orders. Remember, the printer should always match the label so you don’t put your money on waste.