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Ecobee3 vs. Lite: Which Is Better

Sunday 08 October 2017 at 10:46 am.

When ecobee3 lite was introduced on March 2017, there is a little difference between the 2, but there are certain key features that differentiated them from one another. In terms of weight, ecobee3 lite is lighter compared to the original and supports majority of its features but cost less than ecobee3.

If you are planning to purchase one between ecobee3 vs lite, then you need to consider some things that made the other preferable than the other. https://justclickappliances.com/ has more information on the ecobee3 vs lite.

Differences Of Two Devices

In terms of sensors, they are both compatible to have room sensors and read the temperature of the room. However, the upper hand of ecobee3 is that it has its own sensor in the pack while the lite version doesn’t have any so you need to purchase one separately. This handy feature is for those homes who have unequal distribution of cold or warm air inside and assure that they all room have same temperature.

Another difference these two have is the accessories with it. The ecobee3 has thermostat accessories like humidifiers, ventilators and others. On the other hand, ecobee3 lite doesn’t have any of those accessories. If you really don’t want those kind of settings, then perhaps the lite version is already a good purchase for you.

In terms of design, there is not much difference between the two except the corners of ecobee3 lite is slightly more rounded. Now, if you are not that concerned with that slight difference, perhaps you can get which one is more preferable for you. But, for perfectionists that is very meticulous in terms of overall design, maybe you should do an appearance comparison to see which one is more suitable for your taste.

Basically speaking, these devices are very convenient to have at home, especially when extreme weather is coming up.