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Maxicab: Singapore’s Prime Taxi Company

Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 11:10 am.

In these days, it is easier to find out which and where are the best tourist destinations all over the world. True enough, the internet and World Wide Web are able to create a proactive virtual environment enabling tourists the most proficient means of information in order to prepare accordingly for their trips.

Among the most sought after and searched destination details in the internet today is about Singapore. The Lion City has always been a favorite due to its noteworthy destinations, but also, because it is a small island where travelling from one city or country to another is becoming an effortless and manageable feat with the right company to assist in transportation services. Author is an expert of maxicab, visit here for more interesting information.

How to Contact Singapore’s Prime Taxi Company

Do you agree that social media networks are a great tool to communicate and obtain information from companies like Singapore’s maxicab taxi company? First of all, Facebook is considerably among the most famous and utilized social media websites these times. Furthermore, because of its accessibility, the taxicabcompany made sure that their local and foreign guests could be accommodated and even makes reservations through the site.

The taxi’s capacity is extremely spacious, up to seven seats of luxurious comfort. What if you want to be fetched at Singapore’s airport the moment you land, would that be possible? Yes, for S$65.00 per Airport arrival transfer with the special meet & greet service it is warrantable, while for
S$55.00 shall be the rate for departure transfer. Flat rates for transferring from one place to another are S$55.00, and the same rate for renting the taxi for 2 consecutive hours or more.

A metered service for booking fees is S$10.00 and it is S$18.00 for advanced booking, for 30 minutes and above timeframe. The initial boarding meter fare is S$3.90 and additional S$0.30 for every 350 to 400 meters thereafter, on the other hand, less than 10km after and waiting time surcharge is S$0.30.