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Modern Deep Fryer

Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 09:38 am.

Who would ever say no to crispy foods, those deep fried crispy fries and potato chips? How about those crispy fried chicken which is every kids’ favorite; and what about that turkey fried to perfection? The upcoming special seasons, there will always be those crispy fried treats for everyone. So how cooks do it? Can anyone do it? In the changing world we have now, everything could be best deep fryer possible; these deep fryers can help in achieving these crispy treats we have with no hassle at all.

What is a Deep Fryer?

 A deep fryer or simply known as a fryer, is a kitchen appliance used for deep frying. Basically a deep fryer is used to heat cooking oils or fats in large amount wherein food are completely covered with oil in order to be cooked.

 Deep fryers are commonly used in commercial kitchens like in fast food stalls and even in restaurants; but nowadays household models are also made available and have become common too.

Basic Features of a Modern Deep Fryer

 In the present, Modern deep fryers feature a basket to get the food out of the oil when cooking is done; and the best deep fryers often include basic features such as timers with an alarm and mechanical or electronic temperature controls to make cooking accuracy easier and . There are also deep fryers which have automatic devices to raise and lower the basket into the oil, oil filters to prolong the usable life of the fat or oil, and ventilation systems to lessen frying odors. Other deep fryers also have other specific features for their specific usage, so if you want of find the best deep fryers in the market, it is somehow helpful to find some deep fryer reviews which we can also find in blogs and various websites in the internet.


Programmed Deep Fryers

 Manufacturing enterprises producing deep-fried snack foods such as potato chips or French fried potatoes use programmed deep fryers which have automated frying systems that consist mainly of the actual frying pan, a tube type heat exchanger to heat the frying oil, a filter, a circulation pump, a tank for fresh oil.

 Some of the automated processes include the following procedures, that as the product leaves the fryer containing a percentage of oil, there will be a constant flow of fresh oil into the system. There are also sensors for the temperature of the oil, the oil level, different pressures in the system and other factors are used as input for the automation of the deep fryer.

 The best deep fryer that we could consider is made of stainless steel since it is less likely to corrode and rust easily, according to deep fryer reviews spread across the net. We could also consider that the modern deep fryer claims better-quality energy efficiency which is due in part to better heat transfer systems. Deep fryers with infrared heating or convection heating are efficient and better, but the most common fryer models available are electric and gas.

 So what could be the best deep fryer that we could get from the market? What do we need to consider when buying a deep fryer? It is better to know what we need specifically, know the features, read some reviews and feedbacks, know its efficiency and usage.